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Our parent company, United Exteriors, has been installing roofs since 1996, so we have seen firsthand the affects of improperly installed or poor quality roof windows. We would like to welcome you to a worry free experience by dealing with the only Velux 5 Star Certified Installer in New York State. We use only high quality VELUX products and offer expert advice and installation.

Why Roof Windows?

Natural daylight is Free!

Roof windows provide natural light and ventilation without providing a direct line of sight into a building.

Roof windows create a thermal chimney effect, allowing hot air to escape and cooler air to be drawn in through windows.

Natural light provides up to 90% of our Vitamin D, which is required for healthy bones and tissues.

Studies using natural daylighting instead of conventional electric lighting in elementary schools have shown better attendance, less noise, increased concentration, and better scholastic performance.

20% of the population suffers varying degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder, experiencing depression, reduced energy, increased appetite, and increased sleep. SAD has been directly linked to lack of sufficient daylight.

Increased exposure to natural light may slow the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Daylight can be 10 to 100 times brighter than interior lighting, a significant aid for our rapidly expanding elderly population.

Studies indicate that inadequate light for visual acuity is a factor associated with many falls in the elderly population. According to the National Safety Council, falling down is the leading cause of accidental death of the elderly. The light requirement for the elderly may be five times that of young people.